Wall street journal internet dating

13-Feb-2018 16:12

Data was also stolen from Penthouse.com, Cams.com, Stripshow.com, and i Cams.com, according to Leaked Source. Also popular on WSJ.com: RNC Chair Reince Priebus is named Donald Trump’s chief of staff.California, as Clinton territory, finds itself a political outlier.Frequent-flier discussion boards went nuts over this promotion.Some travel nerds wondered whether dating services might be counterproductive to mileage since actually finding a partner meant booking two tickets. Sometimes offers have loopholes exploited by mileage junkies to churn thousands, even millions, of miles.Others may be duplicates or created by automated programs known as “bots.” Leaked Source said most of the records, 340 million, were taken from Adult Friend Finder.com, which facilitates casual relationships.In February, Friend Finder Networks said Adult Friend Finder had more than 60 million users.Others wondered why dating sites didn’t let you search for mates by their airline status level. Bloggers quickly point out opportunity and travelers share tips on discussion boards like Flyer Talk and Inside Flyer. Mint offered free shipping to put dollar coins into circulation, frequent fliers ordered millions on credit cards to get points, then paid their bills with the coins.Firms typically buy frequent-flier miles from airlines at less than one penny per mile, but that can get expensive quickly. When cereal companies put coupons for miles in boxes, store shelves went bare.

Gimlet Creative, the branch of Gimlet Media that creates both the interstitial ads you hear in its podcasts and entire branded series, worked with Tinder to create a branded podcast all about dating mishaps.

But others say it’s too early in the life of the Internet to make such bold predictions about the power of online dating.