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Past columns and submission guidelines are at Karen and I had just bought a three-bedroom house and gone to our first We Ho "Maybe Baby" meeting — a sperm bank seminar for gay parents — when we broke up. I suppose all breakups are messy, but this was one for the books. None of my friends were meeting significant others the old-fashioned way. So I called my literary agent and promised him a home-cooked meal in exchange for help setting up my profile. If you have comments to share or a story to tell, write us at [email protected] We prefer stories that are rooted in the present, not the distant past.

A kicked-in bathroom door and a misplaced passport. When I took stock of my newly single self, I realized a lot had changed in four years.

Often times online dating profiles seem like they are a testament to people who do not want to get dates.

You have to wonder what some people are thinking, not thinking, or possibly drinking when they start typing up that new post or profile. The internet is relatively cool now, so you don’t need to preface your post with some caveat about how you are only “trying this out.” What does that even mean, anyway?

” blog post appeared after Facebook came under criticism for manipulating the news feeds of some users to test how emotions spread through social media.

Rudder said he thinks people in the future will opt out of providing so much information about themselves.“As people fully understand how an algorithm works, they can make more informed decisions whether to partake of it or not,” he said.