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In fact, by assuming that anger or increased substance abuse will always lead to violence means that many non-violent people who are in need of help become unfairly characterized as violent.What is most important to look at is if there are “new” signs and significant changes in behavior.If you don’t want to talk to a stranger, find someone you trust, such as a family member, close friend or even a school counselor, and talk to them about your relationship.It’s easier to avoid dating violence if you know the signs to look for.

People may use violence to get something, while others may act out of self-protection or desperation. They eventually find themselves isolated or disliked, and they still feel angry and frustrated.

And it's a major issue facing today's young adults.

And, 7.4 percent reported that they have been threatened or injured with a weapon. The more these factors are present in your life, the more likely you are to commit an act of violence.

Teenage violence prevention includes home, school, and community.

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Learn what factors are common amongst violent teenagers and a list of things parents can do to help prevent youth violence and help their teen avoid involvement in adolescent violence.The presence of some of the signs or factors listed below should alert us to the possibility that an individual may be at risk of violence.