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Jer su te fore bile način da se dođe do određenih stvari u određenom, mlađem periodu života.

Sada postoje druge težnje (bar bi trebalo...) a klišei i nezrelo ponašanjem kao i „tehnike“ koje su pre palile, definitivno ne pomažu odraslom, zrelom muškarcu da ostvari srećnu romantičnu vezu sa ozbiljnom i zrelom damom.

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There’s no Internet in the country either, naturally (there’s an intranet).

You have to hand in your cell phone when you arrive at the airport.

They put it in a little cloth pouch and take it away somewhere, giving you a rice paper ticket in exchange. There’s no roaming here, obviously, and the phone shows no signal.

Oddly enough, you’re free to enter the country with cameras and laptops.

Apparently, they’ve never heard of cell phones in the form of a network card that plugs into a computer.

Niko ne želi da planira budućnost sa nekim ko nema plan za sebe samog, a kamoli za dvoje. Kalkulacije ne smeju da postoje ako dve osobe pokušavaju da izgrade zdravu i zrelu vezu na temeljima poverenja.